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The current pandemic has brought a fresh slew of challenges for the BFSI sector, being a highly service-oriented industry with major salespeople in direct contact with the customers, makes it essential for them to be empowered in order to provide better services to its customers.

This webinar, will equip you with the best strategies, tools and technologies organizations can use to strengthen their sales by making customer onboarding easier, better digital banking experiences etc.

In this webinar Vymo and Hyperverge will highlight:

  • Unexpected challenges in BFSI during COVID-19 and post COVID-19 resumption
  • How to empower and strengthen your remote salesforce
  • Streamline banking field operations by providing greater, transparency and enabling real time operations
  • Make customer onboarding simpler with Digital KYC
  • Ideal Video KYC workflow and nuances of the Video KYC system
  • How video KYC is an enabler of business continuity in the new normal

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