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Banks and finance services are experiencing a shift in operating model..

With big data, AI and digital disruption driving industries, it has become even more imperative for BFSI organizations to provide exceptional customer experience in order to be competitive.

They need to keep up with the experiences that their modern consumers are expecting through all channels and mediums. Thus, in order to be truly customer-centric, businesses need to go beyond traditional 360 views, to gain real time intelligence, risk assessment, next best actions, smart playbooks and zero ops action centers, on an integrated digital platform.

Enabling a true connected and unified experience maximizes customer lifecycle value, increase net promoter score, increase first touch resolutions, reduce churn, boost revenue, and lower cost to serve and sell.

Join us for this exclusive virtual event which brings across the senior BFSI Leaders under one roof to discuss new ways of delivering value to customers, technology modernization and transformations around composable banking and giving continuous experiences across channels and interactions.

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Key Themes:

Future of banking is autonomous, composable and continuous

Re-design and integrate value streams from front to back.

Gaining a competitive edge: Building customer experience as your primary differentiator.

Deliver continuous customer experience across all traditional, modern, and emerging channels.

Create sustainable new digital business models.