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The pandemic has pushed customers towards digital channels & has increased customer expectations. With digital interactions becoming a norm, there has been an increase in the usage of smart chatbots to assist customers with AI and machine learning to enable brands to gain a more accurate understanding of its customers to serve them effectively.The success of every business today majorly depends on the experience it provides to its customers. Customers expect seamless, omni-channel service which provide them with necessary information and support to make informed decisions.

Join UBS Forums and Salesforce for this exclusive webinar to explore new innovative ways to connect & communicate with your customers with new age tools & technologies to build trust while putting the customer first and ensuring personalised experience in the digital age.

Key Themes:

  • Explore the key factors transforming Customer experience now more than ever
  • AI enabled Transformation – Strategies to onboard cognitive agents as your digital workforce to deliver next level experience
  • Design the Next-Gen Customer Experience strategy with new age technologies

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