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Managing threats has never been easy. However it's harder now given the vastly increased attack surface, sophistication of attacks, the complex, hybrid environments business operate in and the accelerated move to digitization. It's thus evident that traditional security methods will need to be replaced with cognitive security technologies.

Security operations centre (SOC) have been the nerve centre of any good security framework. Adding cognitive capabilities to the SOC platform allows organizations to increase intelligence, speed and accuracy of security investigations.

The AI capabilities of a cognitive SOC provides automated insights on an incident by correlating data from structured data sources, such as threat intelligence feeds, as well as unstructured data sources in the form of security blogs, research articles and more.

Join us for an interactive session to understand and discuss the merits of:

  • Modernizing the SOC
  • Cognitive SOC concepts
  • How to build a cognitive SOC
  • Cloud Security Monitoring

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03:00 PM: Welcome Note by UBS Forums

03:05 PM: Opening Keynote : Reimagining Security in the post Pandemic World

03:15 PM: Modernizing the SOC

Narasimha Meladi, Technical Sales Specialist, IBM India Private Limited

03:35 PM: How to build a cognitive SOC

Aloke Kumar Dani, Consulting & Delivery Leader, IBM Security Services, ISA

03:55 PM: Q&A

04:00 PM: 1-0-1 Discussion on dedicated tables

05:00 PM: Close of Webinar