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Payments through digital modes are expected to jump to 1.5 billion transactions, worth Rs 15 trillion a day by 2025 as per the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) estimates.

With banking customers demanding increasing convenience, data privacy and enhanced experiences, Open Banking provides an opportunity for new ways of doing business. By securely sharing data with an ecosystem of partners, banks can offer their customers expanded products and services, accelerate development and digital speed to market. Open Banking is a strong force of innovation in a banking industry that is under enormous pressure from customers, regulators and Fin Tech innovators. Trends of multi-channel, omni-channel and platform banking are paving way of banks to adopt open banking standards. Open banking APIs are being adopted across the globe and are leading the way towards an "open data" economy that empowers end users and unlocks new innovation opportunities.

Join this exclusive C-level virtual discussion, where alongside a handpicked gathering of your peers we will discuss how several banking leaders, at various stages on their journey to Open Banking discuss their market drivers, successful projects and lessons learned along the way.

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