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Business’s today will be interested in looking at the innovations and technological improvements that the latest Exadata X8M version brings to the market.

Innovations that will allow you to do:

  • Big data analysis to predict customer behavior
  • Easier integration of multiple data types for deeper insights
  • In-database machine learning to analyze massive amounts of data
  • Build ML models up to 10x faster by eliminating data movement

In this webinar we will take you on a deep dive into technical best practices,developed by Oracle's Maximum Availability Architecture team, you can use to help improve the performance, security and availability of your Oracle Exadata database platform. Whether you are an Oracle Database expert with Exadata experience or not, this virtual event is for you!

Join us on this webinar to learn how to optimise and modernise your Exadata platform in order to:

  • Cut your annual hardware support expenses.

  • Manage your software licenses more efficiently.

  • Consolidate more databases and decommission ageing servers and storage.

  • Be prepared for growth with added storage capacity.

  • Improve response time with dramatically increased performance

  • Deploy a platform ready for real-time, In-Memory computing

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