Your contact center is the front line for your brand. Providing support to your customers and enabling remote teams has become the need of the hour. Since many employees are now faced with remote working, you need to know how you can have as much impact from your kitchen table as you do from your desk in the office.

Poly and Genesys, invite you to Join us at this exclusive webinar to explore how you can help your customers seamlessly in the current work from home scenario and arm yourself to know-how to ensure business continuity by making you feel like you’re in the office and help you stay as part of the conversation, meaning your business won’t miss a bit.

At this webinar, explore the best strategies to:

  • Get comfortable with your workspace
  • Be productive wherever you are
  • Ensure focused discussions through high-quality audio
  • Make online meetings interactive
  • Coping with a pandemic and sudden remote workforce

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