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The Revenue Cycle Management companies are on the brink of their digital transformation journey. Conversational AI can help build a strong foundation for today's business and patient needs and future. It can automate the Manual, and redundant tasks that occur during patient access, coding, billing, collections, and denials which can be automated with the help of AI.

The other area of concern for RCM is security and compliance. Uniphore conversational AI and automation platform assist agents by providing real-time guidance to Handle Objections, Drive Sales, Manage Complaints : the patient interaction is structured, follows defined dialogue flows, and always adheres to compliance regulations and processes.

Improvement priorities also differ between groups. While RCM leaders are focused on patient and payer payments and cash flow, executive and financial leaders are interested in claims management, and administrative workflows, and Tech leaders are focused on costs and administrative efficiencies.

  • Pre-Call Work Automation- RCMs that can save up to 30-60% time on pre-call processing
  • In-Call Alerts - overall AHT can reduce by 15-20%
  • After-Call Work Automation- ACW has reduced by 70-80%

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Using conversational AI and automation, the organization can

1) Improve member experience, satisfaction, and loyalty

2) Increase contact center efficiency and scalability

3) Reduce costs

4) Catch overpayment before it happens

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