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Security in IT is a NEVER Ending Story.

Today in these disruptive times, cybersecurity for organisations is a critically important aspect of running a successful business. At the same time, organizations are becoming more data-driven, utilizing their data to build innovative products, stay ahead of the competition, and provide better customer experiences.

With the recent growth in Ransomware, breach and DDOS attacks, an organisation's data and security are at high risk. This is especially true for industries and organizations that conduct business or operations via the Internet.

With business-operations working remotely, IT departments are challenged to manage, secure and control the data during these times. As a result, many enterprises today, are struggling with managing their security posture across the cloud, applications, perimeter, and IT services.

At the same time, DDoS attacks are increasing in sophistication, frequency and magnitude. Therefore, as part of improving security postures, it is important to understand the DDoS problem from multiple dimensions. This exclusive webinar, we will examine the evolution of DDoS attacks in 2020 and 2021, the types of DDoS risk facing different providers and enterprises, and finally the different options for improving the level of DDoS protection for your network and your customers.

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Key Themes to be addressed:

Best strategies to protect your network and data against cyberattacks including DDoS

Re-assessing your Cloud Security Architecture and Strategy

DDoS Threat Landscape: Reviewing how secure your system is

Understand how to raise DDoS threat awareness

Unleash the value of your existing IT security investments

Need to continuously improve your security posture

A look at the distinction between being 'secure' and 'safe'