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The MAS advisory highlights some of the key risks and control measures that FIs should consider before adopting public cloud services.

Embracing cloud computing solutions has become increasingly paramount for FSI organizations today. Having greater scalability, increased efficiency, cost effectiveness and more, Cloud computing is revolutionizing FSI Businesses by providing them with a competitive edge.

While these public cloud services can bring benefits, FIs should be aware of and adequately address the cyber security risks which arise from cloud adoption.
FIs need to perform a comprehensive risk assessment as they plan for public cloud adoption and manage the risks identified appropriately.

Join us for this exclusive webinar where the industry experts will discuss the best strategies to manage cloud-related threats and minimizing security incidents by laying out some of the more common key risks and corresponding control measures before moving data and applications to the cloud.

Key Areas of Focus:

  • Explore the risks and control measures that FIs should consider.
  • Understand how to develop a public cloud risk management strategy.
  • What are the strong controls in areas such as Identity and Access Management (IAM), data protection and cryptographic key management which can be implemented.
  • Manage cloud resilience, outsourcing, vendor lock-in risks.

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Time(IST) Session
03:00 PM Keynote Session: Cloud Computing and Security for next Decade
03:30 PM Addressing MAS Cloud Advisory technology risk

Nitesh Parasher, Senior Sales Engineer, Thales – Digital Identity and Security
04:15 PM Q&A
04:30 PM Close of Webinar