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Today, organizations are becoming more data-driven by using their data to build new products, stay ahead of the competition and provide better customer experiences. As a result, big data management and processing it for various stakeholders needs to be fast, automated and scalable.

Alternatively, COVID-19 situation has put cost optimization as a top priority for many organizations. Thus, it becomes important for Data and IT Leaders to revisit their entire ecosystem around data and look at the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) for delivering analytics to business.

Join us for this exclusive roundtable to discuss the best strategies to convert your data into actionable insights, steps to reduce TCO and be a TCO innovator.

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Key Highlights:

• Best strategies to convert data into actionable insight

• Identify areas of cost optimization to drive maximum performance for the lowest TCO

• Boost productivity with an integrated approach for data management

• Best ways to optimize big data processing costs in the cloud

• How to take advantage of cloud data platform to reduce cost and improve efficiency

• Understand how Qubole helps in Intelligent TCO & Cost Saving Management of Data Lakes.


3:30 PM : Opening Remarks

3:35 PM : Keynote Session: How Qubole can help you unlock the value of your data

- Qubole Representative

03:55 PM: Roundtable Session: Lower TCO and Increase Innovation: Reimagining your data strategy

Moderated By: Qubole Representative

Ever since technology has entered the workplaces, managing Data has become more and more complex.
This session will have senior data and IT leaders of few leading organisations who would be sharing their thoughts around:

  • Key areas of cost optimization to drive maximum performance for the lowest TCO
  • Best strategies to optimize data processing costs
  • Defining ROI for big data projects

04:30 PM: Closing Remarks

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