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Your SAP systems power mission critical business processes for your enterprise. Enabling digital innovation and transformation to become an Intelligent Enterprise with minimal disruption to the business requires an enterprise-trusted cloud that’s flexible, secure, cost-effective and meets the performance needs for your SAP systems.

Why AZURE for SAP Applications?

  • Infrastructure for all SAP workload needs
  • Joint commitment & GTM with SAP
  • Insights and innovation platform
  • Enterprise Security and Governance

The project “Embrace,” SAP SE and Microsoft Corp. on announced an extensive go-to-market partnership — from conceptualization to sales — to accelerate customer adoption of SAP S/4HANA® and SAP® Cloud Platform on Microsoft Azure. SAP Applications on Azure offers:

  • More agility with an on-demand VM infrastructure from Azure
  • Availability ranging from 99.9% to 99.99% based on selection of VM, Availability Sets or Availability Zones
  • Automation capabilities that help lower your non-production system costs

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AZURE also offers a comprehensive data analytics, insights and innovation platform for your business to leverage services, such as Big Data, IOT, Machine Learning and AI, in your SAP applications.

Eureka Forbes, post migration to SAP on Azure, is able to easily generate about 150,000+ invoices and address 1,000,000+ service orders a month– ultimately help serve their customers with faster responses,” We urge you to prepare your enterprise for the next stage in your digital transformation.

We would like to present an exclusive offer on the World Class SAP on Azure platform to help you drive your business to a higher level. Please visit the link below to share details enable a customized and optimized proposition of SAP on Azure.