Regulated industries consider an LMS to be mission-critical to operational success. With the need to deliver safety and operational training for their manufacturing and research facilities as well as sales training and career development. Customer Education and partner/supplier training may also be required. Lack of compliance here can lead to negative business outcomes or safety infractions. (Think: Companies being heavily fined for not following proper production procedures or employees being injured on the job.) Companies need a secure, comprehensive system that supports rigorous audit processes.

Though validation is not standard across industries or customers, it usually requires highly detailed documentation. Validated SaaS has numerous benefits for highly regulated environments because it provides a way to comply with regulatory requirements. SAP SuccessFactors Validated Learning SaaS provides a consensus-based service designed to meet the FDA 21 CFR Part 11/validation requirements.

Life Science Industries can reduce costs and IT resources using VSaaS Learning offering by SAP SuccessFactors while ensuring FDA compliance and SOP based training.

In recent years, SaaS has become the default model for HR technology deployment, with customers realizing substantial benefits from this transformational model.

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