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The innovation ecosystem fuelled by start-ups has accelerated the pace of digitization across businesses. As per a recent report by NASSCOM, there are more than 9,000 tech start-ups today.

The key questions that corporates are asking today:

  • How do we increase the business context of innovation for sustainable outcomes?
  • How do we rapidly scale initiatives to deliver greater business impact?

SAP is actively working with the Start-up ecosystem in India through its start-up studio accelerator/Incubator initiative.

India is running the world's largest and most ambitious renewable capacity expansion program to achieve 227 GW energy from renewable sources by 2022. Establishing a robust ecosystem of innovative partners are key for the success of many ENR companies. They recognise that new technologies, like AI, ML, Drones and IOT can generate rapid business value—improving margins, increasing revenue and ensuring safety and compliance.

We invite you to join us at The Innovation Summit 2020 – for Energy and Natural Resources, where we will introduce you to some partner solutions coming from SAP Startup Studio ecosystem to address key challenges faced by the Industry today.

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A fully automated drone to monitor remote assets for automatic feature detection and data analytics based prognosis

Efficiency improvement, real time visibility of people and thing, exception alerts and reports through a contactless continuous presence management solution

UAV based thermal imaging solution for inspection for solar PV plants for fault detection, meteorological data validation, performance measurement, data analysis, inspection, surveillance, and auditing of photovoltaic plants

Bottom hole Pressure Prediction using machine learning for Oil wells to optimize continuos filed production, assess the performance of well, proactive maintenance

Progressive Cavity Pump (PCP) failure prediction to gauges the well’s health based on various well parameters

Using 3D maps of large industrial areas, with parametric information and location data about physical assets and utilities like pipelines or powerlines