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The innovation ecosystem fuelled by start-ups has accelerated the pace of digitization across businesses. As per a recent report by NASSCOM, there are more than 9,000 tech start-ups today.

The key questions that corporates are asking today:

  • How do we increase the business context of innovation for sustainable outcomes?
  • How do we rapidly scale initiatives to deliver greater business impact?

SAP is actively working with the Start-up ecosystem in India through its start-up studio accelerator/Incubator initiative.

Growing consumption in rural and semi-urban areas and surge in online buying behavior has shown a significant growth in consumer product market in India. Use of technology like ML, AR, VR is playing a vital role in improving efficiency of processes, safety of workers, quality of machines and products and shortened time to hit the market.

We invite you to join us at The Innovation Summit 2020 – for the ­Consumer industry, where we will introduce you to some partner solutions coming from SAP Startup Studio ecosystem to address key challenges faced by the Industry today.

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