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As the Covid-19 crisis continues to wreak havoc over economies and companies, CFOs have to play a strong and critical role in stabilizing the business currently and positioning it to thrive post Covid-19. Given the enormity of challenges, CFOs and Finance professionals must act smartly and decisively to meet the ongoing financial challenges, maintain cash flow, sustain their businesses, and be ready to rebound when COVID-19 abates.

Join us for this exclusive roundtable where we'll have leading top CFO's joining to discuss the critical challenges CFO's and finance executives are facing across industries and the best strategies taken towards Building an Intelligent Finance Organization.

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03:00 PM: Roundtable Opening Remarks

03:05 PM: Keynote Session: Defining the CFO of future

  • Gearing up future visionary mindset for changing Finance function
  • Articulating digital Journey of Finance operations towards value added strategic plan.

03:15 PM: Roundtable Session: Building an Intelligent Finance Organization

This session will have top selected CFO's across industries joining to discuss the best strategies towards building an intelligent finance function.
The session would highlight:

  • Eective and Ecient liquidity and cash flow management
  • Building business resilience with financial planning and forecasting
  • Achieving excellence in financial close
  • Managing governance, risk and compliance with remote/ distributed workforce

04:00 PM: Closing remarks by SAP senior representative

04:10 PM: Closing and Feedback