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India’s manufacturing at an Inflection point of growth. The manufacturing sector of India has the potential to reach US$ 1 trillion by 2025. Manufacturing leaders in India are looking at digitalising their vertical and horizontal value chains from product development and purchasing to manufacturing, logistics and services. With Government of India's initiatives like "Make in India" and the current corporate tax reduction, India is all set to achieve manufacturing excellence led by Technology.

Further the pandemic has enhanced the need of robust technology products in manufacturing to overcome availability & churn of factory manpower, productivity issues, social distancing on shopfloor, disruptions due to COVID exposures, fluctuation in demand, availability of resources, idle capacity, and cost pressures.

What's in it for you?

  • Get a better understanding of the future of manufacturing
  • Explore the impact that Digital Transformation will have on the Manufacturing sector
  • Listen to industry experts as they talk about Industry 4.0 and the benefits it has

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11:30 AM: Future of Manufacturing: Achieving manufacturing excellence led by Technology

In today’s digital environment, to gain a competitive advantage manufacturers cannot be only producing products and delivering them but have to collaborate with their customers from planning, production, servicing, and beyond.

  • Rethinking manufacturing for the post covid era
  • Best strategies to achieve manufacturing excellence led by Technology
  • Achieve digital excellence in manufacturing

11:50 AM: Digital Transformation into Manufacturing Sector

Digitisation is transforming the DNA of industrial manufacturing. Today, digitally smart manufacturers are gaining a competitive advantage by exploiting emerging technologies and trends such as digital twinning, predictive maintenance, track-and-trace, and modular design.

  • Emerging trends and innovative business models for today and tomorrow
  • Know how you can automate the work place during this Covid timelines
  • Learn about the systems to enable digital transformation across people, teams and functions to achieve business objectives.

12:10 PM: Panel Discussion - Manufacturing Excellence: Industry 4.0

Recently, a set of advanced digital technologies known as Industry 4.0 has emerged to offer new approaches for dealing with complexity and improving productivity. By deploying the right combination of technologies, manufacturers can boost speed, efficiency, and coordination and even facilitate self-managing factory operations.

  • How we can successfully embrace Industry 4.0
  • Know how Industry 4.0 changes Industry illustrations
  • Managing your supply chain operations effectively
  • Strategic Roadmap to overcome the critical challenges and moving towards Industry 4.0

12:50 PM: Q&A

01:00 PM: Close of Webinar