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SAP.io works in collaboration with many promising startups that offer tremendous potential with their services. This network is now your prospects! In our new contest, you have a chance to team up with one of them.

This is a rare, one of a kind sneak peek in to the Future of Technology into this Industry that SAP has been nurturing.

So, put on your thinking caps and get a chance to co-develop a digital use case that your business can benefit from. We are bringing you this rare opportunity to work on some game-changing solutions to the consumer products and retail industry. They will demonstrate their early stage products to you.

Come up with use case ideas that you want to pilot. If your idea ranks among the top 5, you will earn the chance to team up with one of them and co-develop this use-case with your expertise and insight.

Submit your idea as a part of the event sign up. Yours could be one of the top 5!

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