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As COVID-19 related uncertainty continues, a flexible, agile distribution management system (DMS) platform that supports quick pivots to a new omni-channel approach will be essential to improve distribution efficiency and reduce costs.

Technology is shaping FMCG organisations' ability to service new channels and existing channels better. It will help align demand planning & manufacturing execution to servicing demand which can significantly improve using unified, integrated technology platform.

We invite you to join this exclusive webinar on Smart Trade & Future-Fit Distribution, brought to you in collaboration with Accenture Newspage. Discover how a comprehensive end-to-end RTM platform could improve decision making and drive faster responses from brands while protecting company ’s data.

Join us as we discuss and explore:

  • Winning in strategic & emerging channels by developing tailored products
  • Leveraging Retail Tech build apps for ordering/engagement with top outlets
  • Virtual Sales Man App for online ordering or communicating schemes and offers
  • POS solution integrated with AI-driven consumer offers
  • Payments & financing, MT growth
  • Whatsapp-based store locator & ordering

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