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Climate change is the topmost challenge of our lifetimes and will affect all areas of businesses. Companies that want to safeguard their “license to operate” need to manage carbon and other environmental compliance; else they will face escalating risks in areas such as investment returns, regulatory compliance, market competitiveness and brand reputation.

In a recent research study by SAP Insights, it was found that climate change, materials use, air pollution, solid waste and resource availability were the top sustainability issues business identified for investment. One key finding was that CEO and board commitment as well as governmental regulations were tied at the top of the list as top motivator. Revenue and profit growth were close seconds, demonstrating that environmental actions are influenced by internal as well as external pressures.

Across Asia, we see that government regulations are increasing in many jurisdictions and impact business operations in their carbon emissions, waste management, product design & manufacturing, and producer responsibility. Please join us in this webcast to gain:

  • Insights into Government’s roles in carbon neutrality and the corresponding requirements and opportunities for businesses
  • Understanding of country-level national programs and policies requiring focus, attention and collaboration
  • Perspectives of SAP PoV, and the collaboration and support structure to facilitate digital journey towards compliance and profitability

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