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Digitally transform direct spend procurement and supply chain collaboration to accelerate innovation and time to market while reducing costs and optimizing inventory.

CPG & Retail have been one of the top sectors from market size stand point with market size of more than $1.5Tn. As per some of the recent reports Indian CPG industry is expected to grow at 10%-14% CAGR. India is a key market for 25%+ of Top 100 Global CPG & Retail companies. Additionally, there are lot of Indian companies starting & expanding in this space to capture the market. With growth and fierce competition, we believe role of Procurement & Supply Chain are becoming more strategic and collaborative in nature. Some of the key trends that are shaping up these areas have been building strategic programs with suppliers, proactive risk measures across supply chain and operational reengineering enabled by digital technologies.

In this virtual roundtable session, please join us in discussing recent trends , your experience in this changing environment and role of technology to shape the future of Procurement & Supply Chain.

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