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Meet evolving customer expectations with SAP Industry Cloud for the Retail Industry

With a 10% contribution to India’s GDP and employing 8% of the workforce, retail is one of the nation’s growth engines. This pandemic has redefined traditional retail in India – demand patterns have shifted; supply disruptions continue along with workforce fluctuations.

SAP Industry Cloud solutions for the retail industry help businesses enhance customer centricity and personalization-at-scale to serve the segment-of-one. Agile merchandising, inventory orchestration, task-driven in-store fulfillment with last-mile delivery, and intelligent returns handling are key areas of focus for SAP’s Industry Cloud roadmap.

We invite you for the SAP India Industry Cloud Week - an exclusive series of virtual sessions. Join us on 10th August for the Retail Industry session to hear SAP and partner experts take you through SAP’s Industry Cloud solution innovations and our strategy & roadmap for your industry.

Whats in it for you?

Unlock the overall Industry Cloud strategy to market and the roadmap to innovative applications

Glimpse into SAP’s Industry Cloud solution innovations being developed in collaboration with our customers and partners

Get a chance address critical industry-specific white-spaces by co-innovating with customers and partners

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