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Accelerate Digital Transformation for Your Life Sciences Organization

The ongoing pandemic brought rapid, deep, and likely lasting changes to the pharmaceutical sector. Digital transformation for the Indian pharmaceutical industry is now imperative for cost-effectiveness, greater transparency, improved production, drug development, and improved patient care.

While some pharma companies have taken a digital leap, many have yet to make consistent and sustained moves to gain from new capabilities that digitization can offer.

SAP with its deep-rooted industry experience helps Pharma and Life Sciences companies to drive growth through digitization. Join us to hear our industry experts on the latest & greatest in technology that is helping Pharma and Life Sciences companies to grow by optimizing supply chains, staying compliant, and improve operational efficiencies.

We invite you to the INDUS Industry Conclave - an exclusive series of virtual sessions. The fourth session in the series focuses on the Pharma & Lifesciences Industry.

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