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Over the past few years, the D2C model has gained traction in India due to the growth in ecommerce penetration, the rise in digital infrastructure, the growing millennial population, an increase in consumer tech awareness, and a growing number of D2C startups and their diverse offerings.

New trends and opportunities have also driven the D2C sector in India. These include pressure on the supply chain to provide products quickly, the problem of shrinking margins, a rise in personalized offerings, increased focus on sustainability, mass adoption of social media and influencer marketing and the emergence of subscription services. In brief, the D2C market Is expected to thrive in the next couple of years due to a shift in consumers' shopping behavior and the accelerated digitalization induced by the pandemic. As a result, the D2C market is expected to grow exponentially and reach a market size of $100 Bn by 2025.

o further deliberate on the state of digital transformation in the consumer products companies & discuss new trends merging in the D2C market, BW Businessworld in association with CII & SAP and few Industry thought leaders is hosting a webinar titled "Reimagining business through Direct-to-Consumer model". Gain the best insights from the industry leaders on the new emerging trends for doing business to remain ahead of the curve.

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The webinar will focus on the following key discussion points

Shift in approach i.e. creating a digital-first brand

How to earn loyalty so that consumers are retained and engaged

Key D2C Commerce technology trends to watch out for

Managing timely last mile, error-free delivery in D2C distribution

Leveraging data, analytics, and technology for delivering customer experiences