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Understanding the Digital Savvy Customer Ecosystem and Personalization

The consumer industry is undergoing a transformation fuelled by the pandemic. The customer is no longer the same; they are more aware, demanding, and have a lot more options to choose from at a touch on their smartphones. The pandemic led large hordes of consumers to even order the most basic products online. In this era of digital-savvy customers, it is imperative for every consumer product organization to understand their customers, know their preferences, predict their buying behavior, and anticipate what they want before they ask for it.

In this session, we’ll hear from industry leaders and experts on how technology can help map customers through their buying journey and offer personalized experiences to retain and attract customers. Gain the most beneficial insights from the industry leaders on emerging trends for doing business to remain ahead of the curve.

The virtual forum will focus on the following key discussion points:

Need of consumer product organizations to understand their customers & their preferences & buying behavior.

Role of technology in optimizing your marketing, promotions, personalization, and more.

Using personalization to deliver customer experience for retaining your existing and attracting new customers.

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