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As we emerge out of Covid and pandemic lifestyle and we get back to normalcy there is a huge shift we might have to undergo from technology front. Cyber Security is and will be of paramount importance for Business leaders and it will impact business decision making to a larger extent.

While we set a step in a new financial year and a new working environment its important for us to understand where we stand on the subject of mitigating threats both internal and external.

Managing threats in organisations has never been so easy.

Accelerated adoption of digital technologies, hybrid work models and evolving security threats demand a new response from IT and security leaders. With time, they need to secure new increasingly complex business ecosystems in the disruptive age which is rapidly rising up the agenda for businesses.

With the evolving cyber security landscape and emerging new threats each day, IT leaders need to pivot quickly to meet the new requirements of a hybrid workforce and increased cyber-attack surfaces. They need a proactive approach towards Cyber Security, as it can no longer be an adjunct function within IT but instead has to be a part of their core business strategy.

Join us for this round table and understand how you can re-envision your cyber security strategy with technology to manage & address new threats emanating out of this situation.

Key Areas of Focus:

  • Security for next decade: Reimagining cybersecurity in the new normal
  • Organizations proactive approach towards Cyber Security
  • Simplifying Cyber Security
  • Role of Infosec Team in ensuring and improving Security Posture
  • Silent Factors impacting Organization Cyber Security
  • Emerging Cyberthreats
  • What best practices organization needs to build into your cybersecurity program to improve ability to respond to cyber incidents

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