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In today's world of growing dependence on digital landscape expansion, companies are becoming more reliant upon cloud-based security services that protect both the company and customers they service. A layered approach to security also means measuring how efficient these approaches are to meet your security needs, as well as, cost. However, one size never fits all. Organizations need to look at a variety of factors in order to measure their ROI.

This roundtable explores the challenges and possible security measures available to organizations that seek the ability to fend off such attacks and ensure data security

Key Focus Areas:

  • Why layered security solutions are required in today’s complex, digital environment
  • A look at specific considerations including data security, brand equity and regulatory compliance
  • The growing importance of securing network access in an age of a dispersed workforce
  • Why the need for cybersecurity solutions have evolved so quickly for certain industries including financial services, ecommerce and healthcare

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