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Currently, COVID-19 is wreaking havoc on business, leaving very few winners in its wake. Now is the time for business leaders to prioritize shared services innovation, rethink their operating model and fully harness the capabilities of emerging technologies. Those that do, will reap the benefits and thrive in this challenging times.

Join us for this exclusive webinar on NextGen Shared Services, where industry leaders will be discussing on strategic roadmap to overcome the critical challenges faced into SSC's across industries for creating a SSC 4.0.

Key focus areas:

  • New Era of Business: From Cost Slayers to Value Drivers
  • Digitalization the Game-Changer: Harnessing the True Potential of RPA
  • Panel Discussion: NextGen Shared Services: SSC 4.0

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Featured Speakers


03:00 : Webinar Opening Remarks

03.10 : New Era of Business: From Cost Slayers to Value Drivers

Re-imagining your processes and transforming your operations by putting technology at the core of your service is the Mantra. SSC's are now pushed further to adopt and adapt to the present digital trends to deliver better value and scale. There are a lot of new opportunities for leaders based on reimagining how work and technology couple together can help achieve greater business objectives.

  • Need to Rethink Shared Services as “Value – Drivers”
  • Learn how to Identify and Manage the Key Value Drivers into shared services
  • Building a strategic plan for delivering higher objectives
  • Using Analytics to support better Business decision making

Speaker: Rohit Shukla, VP GBS, Valvoline

03:30 : Digitalization the Game-Changer: Harnessing the true potential of RPA

RPA enables shared services leaders to achieve higher productivity and reduces cost. It has become a business-critical tool for all major functions such as HR, Finance, IT, Administration and Procurement. In this session listen and understand how leaders can harness the potential of RPA and achieve greater returns.

  • Best practices and case studies for improving ROI through RPA and AI
  • Accelerating your digital transformation through RPA
  • Role of Intelligent automation into SSC's
  • Setting up an automation COE for having smooth business operations

Speaker: Sumeet Pathak, Digital Workforce Evangelist – IMEA, Automation Anywhere

03:50 : Panel Discussion: NextGen Shared Services: SSC 4.0

Rethink shared services as “Value – Drivers” to create a NextGen shared services setup. The Next generation SSC's will have to be more flexible, collaborative, and technologically astute.
Transformation has just begun but the business outlook already seems clear, the organizations will be driven by speed, technology, and continuous change. Organizations will need to be agile to find a way to keep up or disappear.

  • Need for evolving shared services strategy & structure to drive greater business impacts
  • Key drivers for building a Next Gen Shared Services Strategy
  • Explore the core strength and focus area of Shared Services from being efficiency enabler to transformation partner
  • Business cases & Value stories: Leveraging NextGen Technologies into Shared Services.

Panel Moderator :
Sumeet Pathak, Digital Workforce Evangelist – IMEA, Automation Anywhere

Panel Members :
Rohit Shukla, VP GBS, Valvoline
Anand Devanathan, Director IT, Vmware
Mehdi Hasan Naqvi, Head IT, OTIS
Avtar Singh, Head Legal Technology Solutions, Clifford Chance

04:30 : End of Webinar

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