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The Healthcare Industry is Moving — Don’t Be the One Falling Behind
The healthcare industry as a whole is moving faster and doing more than ever before. Much has been spurred on by regulation, whereas shifts in other areas can be attributed to the meteoric increase in the number of new technology solutions available for healthcare providers as well as those seeking care. And while utilization hasn’t grown, what has grown is spending.

When more money is being spent on healthcare, despite there not being a noticeable increase in utilization, there is naturally more obligation and pressure to support that spending.

Digitization is the next big challenge for all companies. Efficiency and speed of reaction become ever more important, just as does managing big amounts of information.

A significant portion of this responsibility falls on the shoulders of TPAs.

TPAs need to be competitive. They need to be cost-effective. They need to be cheaper than their competition. And they need to have service excellence to deliver their products and/or services to their clients. The differentiator is being able to quickly adapt to those market demands that the TPAs have.

Challenges galore

  • How can third-party administrators keep up with the increasing pressures of higher spending?
  • How can TPAs make your operations more efficient to reduce the administrative burdens?
  • How can TPAs better bridge the gap between your benefits administration platform and your customers’ insurance carrier?
  • How can TPAs maintain satisfactory results for participants, employers, and brokers that connected you with the opportunity to support them?

The claims process, when done manually, is haphazard at best. Much of your days are spent retrieving and attaching PDFs to and from emails, forwarding on notifications, and pulling data from numerous places to create reports and move claims onto the next stage.

Whether you’re working in spreadsheets or a slightly more user-friendly reporting program, chances are the process you’re using to move claims to resolution is still highly inefficient.Outdated, disconnected claims management and benefit administration systems cause inefficiency, discontinuity obstacles, and ultimately a loss of value to TPA clients.

Imagine if you could automate the entire claims process, streamlining manual work by creating a single process for document management that allows you to attach files directly to claims and move them through to resolution, 100% digitally?
The good news is you can – by engaging in robotic process automation!

An automated customer experience is your key to success.

  • Repetitive tasks can be completed faster. Automating processes ensure high-quality results as each task is performed identically, without human error.
  • RPA Software can automize almost anything!
  • Hear from industry experts from Automation Anywhere & Netlabs Global on how Automation reduces time, effort, and cost, whilst reducing manual errors, giving your business more time to focus on your primary objectives.

Featured Speakers
Gaurav Khokhani
Gaurav Khokhani
Principal Process Architect
Automaton Anywhere
Pramod Agrawal
Pramod Agrawal
IMEA CTO and Head of IQBot Products
Automaton Anywhere
Shekhar Sharma
Shekhar Sharma
Business Process Architect
Automaton Anywhere

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