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Due to the pandemic, the industry landscape is constantly evolving with organizations facing unprecedented changes and disruptions into various business processes. Likewise Procurement leaders today tackle so much more than savings and spend visibility.

Procurement function is facing various challenges like Inflating pricing, changing regulatory requirements, pricing pressure, supply shortage, virtual vendor management etc and all are the key forces compelling procurement leaders to re-evaluate their procurement strategies.

Thus along with the advancements in the digital technologies, procurement leaders need to acquire other methods to pave their way by unlocking funds intelligently, fulfilling urgent demands, balancing short term sourcing decisions improved relationships with vendors etc. by rethinking procurement function and sourcing your organisation's digital needs.

Join us for this exclusive webinar on “Smart Procurement 2021” where we'll have senior industry leaders share their proven case studies and best practices to bring end to end visibility into the overall procurement process.


  • Procurement for the next decade.
  • Best strategies to comply with the regulatory and compliance frameworks.
  • Reimagine the steps to effective inventory management
  • Evolving role of procurement leaders - manual interventions to digital
  • Driving agility into procurement process
  • Reimagining your vendor management and contract management effectively

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