Data is expected to more than double in size in the next four years. The vast quantities of data being produced necessitate a change in how businesses acquire, process, and use that data to monetize it (internally or externally) in different business use cases.

This brings in a laser focus on leveraging the "data" across the ecosystem of employees, customers and partners. With an increased reliance on the data for real-time business decisions, businesses are establishing strategies to become truly data-driven.

Much like seeking opportunities in developing markets, companies that take advantage of modern data sharing early on will gain an advantage as the demand for meaningful data continues to grow and mature.

But this is easier said than done. Enterprises of all sizes are grappling with challenges associated with diversity, dynamicity and distribution of data. This is further compounded by holdbacks such as data silos, tightening technology budgets, security and governance.

Join this exclusive group of forward-thinking industry leaders to brainstorm how you can work with data and turn it into an actual asset.

This is a platform where you can discuss with your peers, the best way to leverage your data and make sense of it.

This roundtable will address strategies for data innovation, use cases, cloud, scalability and more. It will talk about challenges that data analytics leaders face as they build innovative and adaptable organizations of the future and will cover the objectives to address changes, develop new opportunities, and get organizations ready for the future.

Fetaured Speakers

Tom Devasia
Tom Devasia
Head of South Business, India
Gururaj Joshi
Gururaj Joshi
Director of Technology
KPMG India


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