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IT is more complex than ever. Higher data volume, increasing application sophistication and new, evolving technologies are leading drivers of this complexity. At the same time, the IT function is challenged to deliver more with less budgets. There is a critical need to optimize the IT infrastructure to drive growth without sacrificing performance or quality of IT services delivered.

A single platform is the need of the hour to solve this problem and must be capable of supporting every application environment across on premise environments, the edge and the hybrid cloud.

Against this backdrop, we are excited to bring to you IBM FlashSystem the only NVME ready flash storage solution that will help enterprises in their technology transformation without sacrificing performance, quality or security while simplifying data management.

Register now to discover how a single platform system can let you organization seamlessly and securely manage data across you entire IT infrastructure.

Join us at “Unlock Efficiencies with A Single and Flexible Storage Architecture” webinar to understand how to:

  • Unlock the value of your data and accelerate business execution with end-to-end NVMe, IBM flashCore technology and SCM support for even lower latency in only 1U
  • Transform you IT infrastructure while increasing ROI
  • Grow you hybrid cloud with the flexibility to start small and scale up as business demands or client adoption grows
  • Improve storage efficiency using predictive analytics to optimize storage use
  • Deliver six 9s (99.9999%) data availability

Featured Speaker:

Ambarish Patra

Ambarish Patra
Product Manager – Storage Systems, ISA Global Markets – Systems Sales

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