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Regardless of size, business domain & transaction volumes, accounting related reconciliation is mandatory for every business. Finance teams are investing a lot of their time in checking and matching transactions manually, preparing for & completing required reconciliations - a tedious repetitive process that must be performed mandatorily, sometimes everyday!

Robotic Process Automation Software or RPA can transform the way Finance & Accounting Operations work. RPA Bots are your digital workforce, working 24/7. They can analyze and reconcile high volume of data, performing repeatable tasks with zero error – quickly & accurately. Using RPA can assure higher accuracy & robustness, significantly improve operational productivity, drive cost efficiencies & reduce compliance risks – thus making RPA a critical element of digital transformation.

Join us for an exclusive webinar to understand how RPA can be applied to automate reconciliation & filing related activities and leveraged for repetitive activities performed by F&A Ops teams.

Key Take away from the webinar

  • What is RPA?
  • What are the key challenges that RPA solves?
  • How can RPA help F&A Ops teams?
  • RPA in Action - case studies
    • GST Recon & Filing
    • BRS (Bank Reconciliation)
    • TDS Recon (Form 26AS)
    • Wallets Payment Reconciliation
  • How to get started with using RPA for F&A Ops

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