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COVID-19 has disrupted the business ecosystem, resulting in unpredictable business scenarios. To gain control of the ecosystem it is imperative for the organizations to focus on taking quick data-driven decisions.
Even before the pandemic, stakeholders struggled in finding the right information to take decisions, which resulted in them spending 20% of their time looking for it. Now when everyone is working from home, the search time has exponentially increased.
Decision Point's self-serve Analytics Platform BEAGLE is a personal Virtual Analyst, that provides you with instant byte-size insights on your existing collaboration platforms like MS Teams and Slack.

  • It allows you to ask deeper questions on any possible data source.
  • It can be used for one-on-one exploration or can be directly called into team meetings as well.
  • Its usage-driven pricing model makes the platform will suited for all analytics business needs.

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Key Learnings:

• How to get 100% adoption of your BI Ecosystem within the organization

• Introducing conversational analytics, that makes data accessible to all

• Understanding how a usage-driven pricing model can help the organization gain higher ROI from its IT investment