Consolidate Time, Don't Fragment Time..!!!
20 March 2019 | Sandeep Nanda , Executive Assistant to Chief Regulatory Officer (CRO) India & South Asia, BHARTI AIRTEL LIMITED.

For the next one week, keep a log of all the activities the content you do during every half an hour of your time and analyse.

They Deserved it and we just need to let them have it
16 March 2019 | Ratna (Kumar) Sreerangam, EA to Founder & CEO,

How is it like for a person to experience psychological inferiority only because one is born into a particular gender?

CSR spend crosses Rs 50,000 crore in four years
05 March 2019

Cumulative spending on corporate social responsibility (CSR) shot the magical Rs 50,000crore mark in just four years . With this, cumulative spending over the four-year timeframe stands at nearly Rs 34,100 crore for listed company listed companies and about Rs 18,900 crore for unlisted one totalling around Rs 53,000 crore.

Growth of Indian agro-chemicals sector
10 October 2018

According to a Tata Strategic Management Group report, agro-chemicals sector in the country is estimated to touch $7.5 billion by 2018-19 with 60 % of the input coming from exports.

How Genetically Modified (GM) crops is influencing modern agriculture
3 October 2018

Genetically-modified (GM) seeds are an important step forward in the making of agricultural crops.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Trends To Look For In 2018
20 September 2018

TCSR is one such domains which continues to Innovate, Grow and Evolve!

The Power of Communication in CSR
18 September 2018

Communication is at the Heart of CSR Strategy - True communication requires both a speaker and a listener, ideally taking turns. You might have the best story in the world to tell, but if no one is listening, then your communication strategy is not very effective. The digital age has paved way for a dynamic era of corporate communication.

Changing role of marketing Function..!!
12 July 2018

It’s time to explore, implement something new and drive out the maximum for the investments you have made. In this changing world the expectations and demands are playing a very important role which is disturbing many organizations.

How Customer Centric Are We?
20 July 2018

There are various conferences happening around that focus on Customer experience. After successful business conferences in Delhi, Mumbai and Bengaluru, we bring to you the 4th Edition of CX Strategy Summit and Awards to Mumbai. With the introduction of new technologies and the age of digital media, managing customer and retaining them has become a challenge.