You are eligible for a refund only if the cancellation of the event is initiated from our end [UBS Forums]. In occurrence of such circumstances you will be entitled for the entire amount of refund inclusive of taxes.

The refund shall be initiated within 30 days from the date you get written confirmation from UBS Forums team.

Refund Amount will be transferred as per the invoice received by you:

  • If the invoice is issued in the company name, transfer will be made to the company account. No individual will be entitled to receive a refund on their personal account
  • If the invoice is issued in the individual name (attendee), you will be entitled to receive the refund amount to your personal bank account

It is very important for an individual to check the invoice properly and revert back within 48 hours of the invoice received; in case any change is required in the invoice. (UBS Forums should not be held responsible or liable for any issues occurring after that)

In case you do not want the refund you can opt for a Replacement / Credit Note option. A credit note will be issued to you, which will be valid for a period of 1 year from the date of issue. (*T&C)

Refund and Replacement policies are subject to change/modification and the company reserves the right to change/modify the refund policy without prior intimidation.

UBS Forums reserves the right to limit or prohibit any orders based on our sole judgement, which appear to be placed by delegates and sponsors.


  1. You will not be entitled for a refund if you do not attend the event or cancel the bookings from your end. In such circumstances you can opt for a replacement/credit note option
  2. Use of credit notes are subject to change in pricing of each conference or events
  3. All sort of communication has to be present in the digital format, non verbal communication is acceptable

In case of any queries reach out to us on: